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CMM Directory Australasia and Asia

There are currently over 400 Certified Marina Managers across the world, the directory below lists those who are working on marinas in Australasia and Asia.

Directory Australasia and Asia

Photo of Khalil Abujaber CMM Khalil Abujaber, CMM
Photo of Can Akaltan CMM Can Akaltan, CMM
+90 530 382 2088
Photo of Ioannnis Alexopoulos CMM Ioannnis Alexopoulos, CMM
+30 210 8960012-14
Photo of Susan Amos CMM Susan Amos, CMM
Photo of Steve Arber CMM Steve Arber, CMM
01684 594287
Photo of Burak Ardahan CMM Burak Ardahan, CMM
0252 612 5005/562
Photo of Kevin Baird CMM Kevin Baird, CMM
+44(0)2891 453 297
Photo of Selcuk Balci CMM Selcuk Balci, CMM
00 90 256 813 8081
Photo of Nikola Banovic CMM Nikola Banovic, CMM
+382 67 177 018
Photo of Darrell Barnett CMM Darrell Barnett, CMM
Photo of Aaron Batts CMP Aaron Batts, CMP
Photo of Barlas Baykan CMM Barlas Baykan, CMM
+ 30 6932 731801
Photo of Sharron Beck CMO Sharron Beck, CMO
Photo of Suzanne Bell CMM Suzanne Bell, CMM
01436 820238
Photo of Mick Bettesworth (Honorary) CMP Mick Bettesworth, (Honorary) CMP
077 69324835
Photo of Les Binkin CMM Les Binkin, CMM
Photo of Rick Blackie CMM Rick Blackie, CMM
Photo of Roddy Blair CMM Roddy Blair, CMM
+382 67 304 023
Photo of Philip Blake CMM Philip Blake, CMM
+1 (954) 960 3973
Photo of Stefan Borzecki CMM, CMP Stefan Borzecki, CMM, CMP
Photo of John Bradshaw CMM John Bradshaw, CMM
Photo of Mark Brimacombe CMM Mark Brimacombe, CMM
+44(0)7785 986921
Photo of Tony Browne CMM Tony Browne, CMM
+ 382 326 60900
Photo of Simon Bryan CMM Simon Bryan, CMM
+44 (0)790 999 3944
Photo of James Burnell CMP James Burnell, CMP
Photo of Debbie Burns CMM Debbie Burns, CMM
ne: 023 80 229385
Photo of Charles Bush CMM Charles Bush, CMM
+44(0)1752 556633
Photo of Allan Cayzer CMM Allan Cayzer, CMM
Photo of Andrew Chapman CMM Andrew Chapman, CMM
Photo of Andreas Christodoulides CMP Andreas Christodoulides, CMP
+357 95555255
Photo of Alistair Clarke CMM Alistair Clarke, CMM
023 9260 1201
Photo of Andrew Collumbell CMM Andrew Collumbell, CMM
01489 885000
Photo of Mark Cookson CMM Mark Cookson, CMM
01603 717804
Photo of James Cotton CMM James Cotton, CMM
01646 601601
Photo of Thomas-Spiros Dallos CMM Thomas-Spiros Dallos, CMM
Photo of Peter de Regt CMM Peter de Regt, CMM
0031 651 986230
Photo of Maarten Desloovere CMM Maarten Desloovere, CMM
0032 (0)58 23 52 32
Photo of Steven Desloovere CMM Steven Desloovere, CMM
32 (0) 58-23 52 32
Photo of Caner Dinler CMM Caner Dinler, CMM
+974 4495 3894
Photo of Alison Downs CMM Alison Downs, CMM
Photo of Antonis Drosos CMM Antonis Drosos, CMM
+30 22420 44150
Photo of Tony Dye CMM Tony Dye, CMM
07826 936789
Photo of Jon Eads CMM Jon Eads, CMM General Manager
+44 (0)7802 668065
Photo of Roger Eastham CMM Roger Eastham, CMM
Photo of Artun Ertem CMM Artun Ertem, CMM
+385 91 3120307
Photo of Craig Evans CMM Craig Evans, CMM
Photo of Andrew Fenwick CMM Andrew Fenwick, CMM
Photo of Scott Finsten CMM Scott Finsten, CMM
Photo of Ingrid Fortunato CMM Ingrid Fortunato, CMM
351 282 770 210
Photo of Martinho Fortunato CMM Martinho Fortunato, CMM
351 282 770 210
Photo of Adam Foster CMM Adam Foster, CMM
Photo of Jean Michel Gaigné CMM Jean Michel Gaigné, CMM
+33 682 112 524
Photo of Chris Galbraith CMM Chris Galbraith, CMM
Photo of Graeme Galbraith CMM Graeme Galbraith, CMM
+44 (0) 1475 729 838
Photo of Andrew Garland CMM Andrew Garland, CMM
Photo of Paul Gascoigne CMM Paul Gascoigne, CMM
Photo of Murat Gezgin CMM Murat Gezgin, CMM
Photo of Thye Hock Goh CMP Thye Hock Goh, CMP
Photo of Pauline Gorley CMM Pauline Gorley, CMM
01900 814431
Photo of Rod Grant CMM Rod Grant, CMM
0115 9077 414
Photo of Henk Gravestein CMM Henk Gravestein, CMM
00 31 111 481485
Photo of Mustafa Gün CMM Mustafa Gün, CMM
Photo of Faruk Gunlu CMM Faruk Gunlu, CMM
+90 549 795 59 56
Photo of Simon Haigh CMM Simon Haigh, CMM
01275 841188
Photo of Larry Halgren Honorary CMP Larry Halgren Honorary, CMP
Photo of John Harris CMM John Harris, CMM
Photo of Mike Harvey CMM Mike Harvey, CMM
Photo of Mike Hatch CMM Mike Hatch, CMM
01273 819919

CMM 364

Photo of Barnaby Hayward CMM Barnaby Hayward, CMM
01524 751491
Photo of Richard Hewett CMP Richard Hewett, CMP
Photo of Michelle Hitchcock CMP Michelle Hitchcock, CMP
01646 641052
Photo of John Hogan CMP John Hogan, CMP
Photo of Matthew Hundleby CMM Matthew Hundleby, CMM
Photo of Paal Janson CMM Paal Janson, CMM
353 1 202 0040
Photo of Peter Jennings CMM Peter Jennings, CMM
+44 1590 677071
Photo of Nairn Johnston CMM Nairn Johnston, CMM
Photo of Kenny Jones CMM Kenny Jones, CMM
001 954 302 6033
Photo of Philip Andrew Jones CMM Philip Andrew Jones, CMM
+44 7551 650 339
Photo of Stuart Jones CMM Stuart Jones, CMM
02920 705021
Photo of Kenny Kang CMP Kenny Kang, CMP
Photo of Stavros Karnakis CMM Stavros Karnakis, CMM
+30 210 4853200
Photo of Stavros Katsikadis CMM Stavros Katsikadis, CMM
+30 210 9871000-2
Photo of Albert Khong CMM Albert Khong, CMM
86 186 8888 8585
Photo of Kenan Khudaverdiyev CMP Kenan Khudaverdiyev, CMP
Photo of Mr Ivaylo Kishkov CMM Mr Ivaylo Kishkov, CMM
Photo of Haris Koureas CMM Haris Koureas, CMM
Photo of Ioannis Koutsodontis CMM Ioannis Koutsodontis, CMM
+ 30 693 6647349
Photo of Konstantina Leontsini CMM Konstantina Leontsini, CMM
+30 6936 910804
Photo of Russ Levett CMM Russ Levett, CMM
+44 (0) 1273 513 881
Photo of Cliff Lewis CMO Cliff Lewis, CMO
Photo of Ben Lippiett CMM Ben Lippiett, CMM
02392 601 201
Photo of Tom Lord CMM Tom Lord, CMM
+357 25 020 020
Photo of Hollie Luff CMM Hollie Luff, CMM
02392 524811
Photo of Tiago Marcelino CMM Tiago Marcelino, CMM
00 351 933 389 847
Photo of Renata Marević CMM Renata Marević, CMM
+385 (0)51 654 111
Photo of Richarno Marie CMM Richarno Marie, CMM
+971 50 340 7732
Photo of Kerry Marriott CMP Kerry Marriott, CMP
07584 351159
Photo of Jose Massapina CMM Jose Massapina, CMM
00351 289 514 282
Photo of Angus Maughan CMM Angus Maughan, CMM
Photo of Jayson McDonald CMM Jayson McDonald, CMM
Photo of Philip McGowen CMM Philip McGowen, CMM
Photo of Shane McInnes CMM Shane McInnes, CMM
Photo of Dan McKiernan CMM Dan McKiernan, CMM
+44 (0) 2392 526688
Photo of Harold McLoughlin CMM Harold McLoughlin, CMM Harbour Master
Photo of Bruno Meier CMM, CMP Bruno Meier, CMM, CMP
+971 56 508 4633
Photo of Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhalim CMM, CMP Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhalim, CMM, CMP
Photo of Simone Morgan CMM Simone Morgan, CMM
+44 (0) 1946 692435
Photo of Peter Moxham CMM Peter Moxham, CMM
Photo of Daniel Natchez Honorary CMP Daniel Natchez Honorary, CMP
Jonathan OConnor Moneley, CMM
+353 (0) 87 652 4820
Photo of Clemens Overdijk CMM Clemens Overdijk, CMM
Photo of Robert Parton CMM Robert Parton, CMM
+44 (0) 1270 525040
Photo of Mark Phillp CMM Mark Phillp, CMM
02392 210765
Photo of Martin J Plas CMM Martin J Plas, CMM
+ 31.6.1496.3396
Simon Porritt, CMM
+44 (0) 1534 447730
Photo of Daryl Potter CMP Daryl Potter, CMP
Photo of Rudy Puystjens CMM Rudy Puystjens, CMM
Photo of Will Rahder CMM Will Rahder, CMM
01752 481190
Photo of Colin Ralph CMM Colin Ralph, CMM
+968 962 79445
Photo of David Randall CMM David Randall, CMM
Photo of Subhashni (Cynthia) Rasch CMM Subhashni (Cynthia) Rasch, CMM
Photo of Dan Reading CMP Dan Reading, CMP
Photo of John Paul Rebollini CMM John Paul Rebollini, CMM
+971 55 963 1627
Photo of Emanuele Rinaldi CMM Emanuele Rinaldi, CMM
+39 3338653433
Photo of Mark Ring CMM Mark Ring, CMM
353 214 831 023
Photo of Jon Roberts CMM Jon Roberts, CMM
Photo of Mr Ian Rodgers CMM Mr Ian Rodgers, CMM
Photo of Ronald Rodrigues CMM Ronald Rodrigues, CMM
Photo of Neil Salter CMM Neil Salter, CMM
0044 (0)1326 372121
Photo of Steve Sammes CMM Steve Sammes, CMM
Photo of Carmine Sanna CMM Carmine Sanna, CMM
+39 (0)789 905601
Photo of Bruno Santori CMM Bruno Santori, CMM
00 39 085 45 46 81
Photo of Philip Sather CMM Philip Sather, CMM
Photo of Andy Savill CMM Andy Savill, CMM
+971 52 102 9805
Photo of Claudio Schettino CMM Claudio Schettino, CMM
+65 6768 9238
Photo of Oscar Siches CMP Oscar Siches, CMP
Photo of Matt Simms CMM Matt Simms, CMM
0191 272 8282
Photo of Itay Singer CMP Itay Singer, CMP
+ 972 99 548548
Photo of Alberto Sonino CMM Alberto Sonino, CMM
+39 3202392241
Photo of Paul Sorrell CMM Paul Sorrell, CMM
Photo of John Spragg Hon CMP John Spragg Hon, CMP
Photo of Andrew (Andy) Stephens CMM, CMP Andrew (Andy) Stephens, CMM, CMP
Gareth Stephens, CMM
020 7517 5550
Photo of Shane Subichin CSM Shane Subichin, CSM
Photo of Wicky Sundram CMP Wicky Sundram, CMP
Photo of Symantha Suprain CMM Symantha Suprain, CMM
Photo of Paul Swain CMM Paul Swain, CMM
Photo of Vassilis Tefas CMM Vassilis Tefas, CMM
+30 26820 23015
Photo of Paul Tetlow CMM Paul Tetlow, CMM
079 7391 0561
Photo of James Thompson CMP James Thompson, CMP
Photo of Mike Townshend CMM Mike Townshend, CMM
01983 293983
Photo of Zara Tremlett CMM Zara Tremlett, CMM
Photo of Evertt Ucat CMM Evertt Ucat, CMM
+971 50 211 4554
Onur Ugan, CMM
00 90 252 645 15 20/212
Jose Antonio Valbuena, CMM
+34 609 301806
Photo of Mieke Vleugels CMM Mieke Vleugels, CMM
Photo of Robert Vrancken CMM Robert Vrancken, CMM
Photo of Rupert Wagstaff CMM Rupert Wagstaff, CMM
Photo of Alison Wakelin CMM Alison Wakelin, CMM
01243 377727
Photo of Jonathan Walcroft CMM Jonathan Walcroft, CMM
02392 524 811
Photo of Nicola Walsh CMM Nicola Walsh, CMM
01489 884081
Photo of Jonathan White CMP Jonathan White, CMP
07717 683107

Jon is the General Manager of The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA).

Photo of Wil Williams CMM Wil Williams, CMM
01758 701219
Photo of Gareth Wilson CMM Gareth Wilson, CMM
Photo of Chris Windsor CMM Chris Windsor, CMM
01304 240400
Photo of Evan Wooldridge CMM Evan Wooldridge, CMM
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