Certified Member Directory

There are currently over 400 Certified Marina Managers and Certified Marina Professionals across the world, the directories below list those who are working in marinas within the UK, Europe, Australasia and Asia

Global directory

Photo of Tony Dye CMM Tony Dye CMM
07826 936789
Photo of Jon Eads CMM Jon Eads CMM General Manager
+44 (0)7802 668065
Photo of Roger Eastham CMM Roger Eastham CMM
Photo of Artun Ertem CMM Artun Ertem CMM
+385 91 3120307
Photo of Craig Evans CMM Craig Evans CMM
Photo of Andrew Fenwick CMM Andrew Fenwick CMM
Photo of Scott Finsten CMM Scott Finsten CMM
Photo of Ingrid Fortunato CMM Ingrid Fortunato CMM
351 282 770 210
Photo of Martinho Fortunato CMM Martinho Fortunato CMM
351 282 770 210
Photo of Adam Foster CMM Adam Foster CMM
Photo of Jean Michel Gaigné CMM Jean Michel Gaigné CMM
+33 682 112 524
Photo of Chris Galbraith CMM Chris Galbraith CMM
Photo of Graeme Galbraith CMM Graeme Galbraith CMM
+44 (0) 1475 729 838
Photo of Andrew Garland CMM Andrew Garland CMM
Photo of Paul Gascoigne CMM Paul Gascoigne CMM
Photo of Thye Hock Goh CMP Thye Hock Goh CMP
Photo of Pauline Gorley CMM Pauline Gorley CMM
01900 814431
Photo of Rod Grant CMM Rod Grant CMM
0115 9077 414
Photo of Henk Gravestein CMM Henk Gravestein CMM
00 31 111 481485
Photo of Faruk Gunlu CMM Faruk Gunlu CMM
+90 549 795 59 56
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